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Although women are the primary buyers of lingerie, sometimes a man needs to venture into the lingerie store and pick out a piece of lingerie as a present. Now, obviously, this is not exactly an easy task. There are a bunch of factors you need to end up considering; for example, what size your spouse or girlfriend is and what sort of lingerie she would like. Sure, you can buy lingerie online, but online clothing shopping is always a bit more difficult if you are not familiar with what you are buying. To make your life a bit easier, we are going to give you some tips to help make it easier for you to buy lingerie for that special person in your life.

Know the kind of lingerie you want to buy


If you know exactly what kind of lingerie you want to buy, then the whole process will be a lot easier. It is fairly easy to find a list of the different kinds of lingerie, so we will not list them here. Instead, we will talk about what kind of lingerie you should be getting. If your girlfriend or wife has never worn lingerie before, then you are going to want to start out by buying some simple, conservative lingerie. Something like a sexy nighty or a plain babydoll are great options for a first timer. You do not want to splurge on some high-end lingerie, only for your spouse to hate it because it is too out of their comfort zone. Likewise, you may want to consider looking into some specialty lingerie. For example, if your significant other is pregnant, they may be feeling a bit down on themselves because their appearance is changing drastically, so why not boost their confidence with some sexy maternity lingerie? Of course, if it is meant to be Valentine’s Day present, then you can always go with some appropriately themed Valentine’s Day Lingerie.

Know the correct sizes for your partner


This probably the most difficult thing to do, especially if you really want to keep the fact that you are buying lingerie as a present a secret. It will probably require you to do a bit of sneaking and rummaging to find pieces of clothing to get measurements from. The three measurements that you are going to need are her chest measurement, panty size, and cup size.

Know what colors she likes


Do not underestimate the importance of color. Not every woman will feel comfortable with lingerie at first, so getting the right color is an important way of helping your spouse feel better about wearing lingerie. Look through her wardrobe or just straight up ask her what color she likes best. If all this fails, black is always a good starting color when it comes to lingerie. With your spouse or girlfriend’s style, preferred color, and measurements in tow, it should be a lot easier to walk into a store and find some lingerie sets that suit her.