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Sexiest Lingerie Trends For 2019


A new year means new fashion trends in everything, this includes things like shoes, dresses, pants, and as you might have guessed, lingerie. In many ways, lingerie is a bit more pressing. After all, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, as are many significant other’s birthdays. So, you might want to get caught up on the latest lingerie trends for 2019 so you can deliver a sexy surprise for your special someone with some Valentine's Lingerie. If you are familiar with lingerie already, not a lot is going to surprise you. Old classics will always stay popular, and for good reason. Who can resist swimwear like a sexy Micro Bikini or traditionally Sexy Bra and Panty Sets? However, there are some new things that you will want to know about.




Now, we aren’t going to say that doing a Sexy Cosplay is some new trend for 2019. As most of you no doubt know, this has been a very popular trend for quite a while. However, cosplaying, both in regular life and in the bedroom, changes quite heavily from year to year. Usually, the new trends in cosplaying can be directly traced back to whatever media has become particularly popular or is going to become popular.

For example, the sequel to the film Suicide Squadwill no doubt be getting a lot of hype this year, so why not get ahead of the trend by taking a look at our sexy cosplay set directly based on the very alluring Harley Quinn? Featuring a tight shirt, Skimpy Panties, and some Sexy Stockings, this costume is sure to drive anyone wild.

With the last season of Game of Thrones set to launch in 2019, why not have some fun by using one of our sexy Fantasy Princess Costumes? The costume features a striking gold lace bra with some panties and a lace complement. Deck it out with some accessories and maybe some Garter Lingerie and you are ready to deliver a fantasy-themed surprise for your partner.



Nobody says lingerie has to be exclusively for the bedroom. Clubwear is something that you will want to keep your eye on during 2019. Under this broad category, you will find a variety of interesting garments for you to try out. These range from very tight-fitting, but still relatively modest dresses, all the way to dresses that leave little to the imagination. These dresses are great because they can be used in a wide variety of situations. As the name suggests, many of these are great if you want to be as alluring as possible when going out clubbing. At the same time, they are also often good options if you want to have a sexy night at home as well.



While certain things like fetish lingerie or open cup bra sets may lead you to believe otherwise, lots of lingerie out there is extremely comfortable. The best example of this is loungewear. Lounge Wear, much like Clubwear, is a very broad term that encompasses a bunch of different garments.

If you want a traditional bra and panty set, you can find plenty of Bra Sets Loungewear. They are usually made of very soft and supportive material, while at the same time being revealing enough to really drive your partner wild.

If you prefer to get a Chemise or Camisole, you can also do that. Plenty of Lounge Wear lingerie sets uses very soft and comfortable top pieces. For example, we feature plenty of different Loungewear sets that you should take a look at. Our personal recommendation is our red, two piece Loungewear Set. The set features very comfortable Teddy Lingerie as the top piece, while the bottom features some very soft, comfortable panties. Simple, yet sexy. If that doesn’t suit you, we have many more sets to take a look at.

Want some nice looking Babydoll Lingerie? Why not check out our Navy Sleep Romper. Not only is it comfortable enough to sleep in, but it is also extremely sexy as well. A perfect example of loungewear.

Finally, if you are looking for some good Plus Size Lingerie, then you are going to want to give this a look.

So, if the idea of combining comfort and sexiness appeals to you, we recommend taking a long look at Lounge Wear, as it will be right up your alley. It is certainly a lot more comfortable than your standard Sexy Corset that will make a big impact in the bedroom or worn under your coat to give your lover a nice surprise.

Crotchless Lingerie


If you really want to be risqué and up the ante in the bedroom, then there is little better way to do so than by getting some Crotchless Lingerie. We predict that this will become even more popular in 2019, as people increasingly look for more unique ways of spicing up things in the bedroom. This is especially true with Valentine’s Day so close; many people will be looking to have a really special surprise for their partner.

Crotchless Lingerie is pretty self-explanatory, so you don’t need us to explain what it is. We will say that a lot of crotchless lingerie comes with Open Cup Bra Sets as well, which you might not have guessed based on the name alone. However, if that isn’t to your liking, you can always find regular Crotchless Sets as well.

Crotchless sets actually have a lot of uses. You can, of course, wear them on their own and they will be incredibly sexy that way. However, you can also pair them with some accessories and you will have some killer Bondage Lingerie.


Hopefully, this article has gotten you up to speed on what the hottest trends for lingerie will be in 2019. As always, if you liked what was talked about in this article or if you are just interested in lingerie in general, then you should check out the rest of our site. We have plenty of unique and Sexy Lingerie sets and types for you to check out. Who knows, you may even end up discovering a type of lingerie that you have never heard of before!