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Lingerie for the Christmas Season


The holiday season has a lot of traditions associated with it. Christmas trees, presents, family gatherings, Christmas movie marathons, and much more. Typically, you wouldn’t put “Sexy Santa lingerie” on that list, and yet, given the huge amount of sexy Christmas Costumes out there, clearly it is a tradition for some people. A lot of women enjoy using the holiday season to try out a variety of different styles of Sexy Christmas Costumes. In this article, we are going to explain why some women do this and why you might want to give sexy Christmas Outfits a try this holiday season.

It Can Make Time Spent with Your Partner More Special


The chances are good that if you are like most people, that you spend a lot more time with your partner over the holiday season. Both of you most likely have some vacation time that will be used, both of you will most likely be spending a lot of time at home as well. I’m sure that you can figure out where we are going with this. It is safe to say that you and your partner will be a bit more intimate than usual during the holidays.

Anyways, this is where sexy Christmas Costumes can come in handy. The holiday season is supposed to be special and memorable, so why would you settle for regular sex when you can spice things up the bedroom instead? If you have never worn lingerie before, then donning even a simple lingerie outfit can make your nights a lot more memorable. The effect is amplified if you don’t usually wear lingerie. Your partner will be prepared for your usual nighttime outfit, so imagine how pleasantly surprised they will be if you come out wearing a Sexy Elf Costume or a Sexy Santa Outfit.

Even if you do regularly wear lingerie, the Christmas themed lingerie, with its various different accessories, styles, and colors will be a nice change of pace.

Either way, some Sexy Women’s Christmas Costumes can really make holiday intimacy a lot more special for both you and your partner, so why not give it a try?

There are a Lot of Interesting, Fun Costumes To Try


So, we kind of hinted at this point in the last section, but it deserves its own explanation. If you are familiar at all with typical lingerie, then you might be a bit bored with the limited selection. But Christmas-themed lingerie has a wide variety of different styles and costumes to choose from.

Just on our site alone, there are a wide variety of things to try out. You can go with a classic Sexy Santa Clause Costume or a Sexy Elf Costume. Or you can go with a more unique costume, like our Snowman Costume.

No matter what style of lingerie you like, you can find something that appeals to you. Like lingerie that leaves a lot to the imagination? Well then, you will love our Sexy Santa Costume, which features a very comfortable red romper, lined with white faux fur, and black leather accents. A perfect mixture of sexy and reserved.

If you like functional lingerie (i.e. stuff that is sexy, while still being very comfortable and easy to sleep in) then we have a sexy Santa costume that you will love. It features a short, red velvet dress. The dress features the white faux fur trimming that you would expect to find on a Sexy Santa Outfit. 

Want something a bit more provocative? Well then, we have you covered. Our sexy Elf Costume features a simply stunning lace bra paired with an equally stunning set of panties. The entire costumed is colored to look a typical elf design, with alternating green and white stripes, and a red lining. Of course, it also comes with some elf-style accessories, like a hat, to complete the costume. This is sure to drive your partner wild.

Want something really revealing and unique? Our Snowman Costume (well, Snowgirl technically) is extremely sexy. It consists primarily of a white mesh lace teddy. Accompanying it are a white lace choker, gloves, and a fluffy little headpiece. Combine this with some matching white mesh stockings and you have an outfit that will make your partner’s jaw drop.

So, as you can see, Christmas is second only to Halloween when it comes to the variety of sexy costumes available (we also have a great Halloween selection if you are interested in that). With so many different styles and costumes to choose from, you are sure to find something that you like.

It Can Start a New Tradition with Your Partner


The holiday season is all about traditions, both old ones and new ones that you make yourself. It may not sound all that glamorous at first, but buying a different Christmas Costume every year to make your holiday intimacy a bit more special and memorable can be a nice tradition that is shared between just you and your partner. It can also lead to other fun traditions, such as your partner trying to reciprocate or find their own ways to make your time spent together more memorable. 

It Can Be For You as Well


Too often we make the mistake of thinking that lingerie is solely for the benefit of others. The truth is that lingerie can make you feel surprisingly good about yourself and provide a much-needed morale booster over the holidays. Dressing up in that sexy Santa Uniform can make you feel sexy and good about yourself.

Above we have written what we think are four good reasons for you to give holiday-themed lingerie a try. Throughout the article, we listed some of our preferred holiday-themed items, but if you missed any of those, we want to reiterate that we have an absolutely amazing selection of women’s Christmas Costumes. So, regardless of if you are buying for yourself or as a gift for a partner, why don’t you start searching through our selection and see if anything catches your eye?