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Why Wear Sexy Halloween Costumes?


Every Halloween hundreds of thousands of both men and women go shopping for costumes to wear to parties, to bars, or to wear while accompanying young kids who are trick-or-treating. But, for many women, they will also be shopping for things that we would consider to be Sexy Halloween Costumes,” although some people often refer to them (and this can a positive or negative term) as “Slutty” Costumes. Every year people, primarily women, look for things like sexy devil costumes, or sexy takes on popular characters (a Little Red Riding Hood or a Cinderella Dress is always a common fixture at Halloween lingerie stores). But, why should you wear these sexy costumes over regular ones? After all, traditional wisdom states that you can’t wear them in public, so why waste the money? Well, we are going to give you a few different reasons why these sexy costumes are worth considering.

It Lets You Get A Bit Weird and Playful


One of the biggest draws of Halloween as a whole and the reason why so many adults still dress up in costumes every year is that Halloween offers a rare chance for many people to embrace their inner playfulness and silliness that is so rarely put on display. There is no reason why this same logic shouldn’t apply to the bedroom. Traditional lingerie is certainly very sexy, but it is also very serious and “normal.” The nice thing about Halloween-themed lingerie or costumes is that they allow you to bring the fun playfulness of Halloween into your bedroom. Sure, certain sexy costumes, like a Sexy Nurse Outfit or a Sexy Cat Costume may always be appropriate, but how many times will you be able to wear a Sexy Angel Costume or a Viking Costume in the bedroom and not have it look silly? 

It is Unique and Adds Much Needed Spice to the Bedroom


Plus, you shouldn’t make the mistake of underestimating the one-off sex appeal that some weirdness brings. It may sound strange at first but think about it. The purpose of lingerie is to spice things up in the bedroom. It does this primarily by being different. Your partner has probably seen you in various states of undress a hundred times. Sometimes just being naked or donning a simple bra and panties combo isn’t enough to get things going like it once was. (Which is completely normal). These sexy Halloween costumes are so effective because they combine uniqueness and sexiness into one combo. So, while something like a werewolf costume or a unicorn costume may seem like a strange thing to wear in the bedroom, the fact that it is so unique looking can really turn up the heat in any bedroom. 

It Allows for Some Unique Roleplaying



Couples therapists almost always suggest roleplaying to couples who are either struggling to find a spark in the bedroom or who just want to shake things up a bit without doing anything too different. That’s where these Halloween costumes can come in very handy. They allow for some quite interesting, fun, and unique roleplaying that is perfect for couples looking to shake things up. We all know of the typical roleplaying fantasies, like French maid fantasies, Cowgirl Costume fantasies, and Sexy Nurse fantasies. But, these Halloween costumes allow you to embrace some truly fun roleplaying opportunities. 

For example, you can do some horror-themed roleplay by trying on a Witch Costume, a Day of the Dead Costume, or even a Skeleton Costume (these may not sound all that sexy at first but trust us when we say that they are). You can find in-depth guides on how to do that elsewhere but suffice to say it is very unique and sure to be a ton of fun for both you and your partner.
You can also roleplay as your favorite characters from media. Halloween is a perfect time for that Game of Thrones roleplay that you and your partner may want to try out. You can easily find sexy costumes based around popular characters on Halloween. For example, we offer a very alluring Game of Thrones Costume that is perfect for Halloween or just general roleplaying. Want to try superhero-based roleplaying (superhero films are, after all, quite popular)? Well, why not take a look at our catsuit costume (for your Cat Woman roleplay) or our Captain America Costume. 

It Makes You Feel Good


One of the most underrated aspects of all lingerie, but more specifically these sorts of elaborate sexy costumes is how good they make the wearer feel. These costumes are designed from the ground up to make you not only look good but also to feel good. When you first look at many of the sexy costumes (either on our store or elsewhere) you will probably be a bit surprised at first. Many are very revealing, while many others require you to fit into very tightfitting clothing pieces. That is all by design, not only because they are necessary for the costume to make sense, but also because they want you to feel sexy when you wear them. When you wear one of these sexy costumes and look in the mirror for the first time, you will be amazed at just how good you look. It will massively boost your confidence and self-esteem knowing that you can pull off one of these sexy costumes. 

We hope that you found at least one, if not all, of these reasons compelling. A lot of people will dismiss these sexy Halloween costumes as a bit silly or not worth the money and that’s fine, it is their right. But, we think they hold great value, both as a fun way of experimenting and as a great way of bringing some life into a dead bedroom. Whatever reason you have for wanting to try out Halloween lingerie, we hope that you will check out some of the different Halloween outfits that we offer. We have a bunch of different selections and styles to choose from, so everyone should be able to find a costume that they like.