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Corsets have a long history, dating back to the 1500s; but, they only became more popular during the 1800s. Although they were once considered an everyday undergarment, corsets are no longer used that way. Instead, they are increasingly used in lingerie or as more formal wear (like during weddings).


Corset lingerie is an incredibly popular item among those who wear lingerie (however, most people who are just getting into lingerie tend to avoid it). If you have heard the term corset thrown around, but you are not familiar with what exactly they are or what they do, then you should give this quick guide a read; it will tell you everything you need to know about corsets and why to wear them.

What do corsets do?

The main purpose of a corset is to constrict the waist and accentuate the cleavage and the hips. The outside of a corset will be made from a sturdy, flexible material like satin, cotton, or mesh. Meanwhile, the inside of the corset will contain something called “steel boning” which is what allows the corset to actually constrict the waste. You can find some corsets without steel boning, but those tend to be very cheap corsets that will break the moment you try to tighten them.


A steel boned corset is really your only option if you want the corset to actually do what it is supposed to. Now, tightening your waist like that might sound unhealthy or potentially dangerous, but it is not. Sure, if you tighten your corset to the point where it starts to actually hurt, then yes it can be dangerous to keep it like that (but, you can, of course, just solve the problem by loosening it). But, as long as you keep your corset reasonably tight and do not go overboard, then you will be absolutely fine.

Why wear a corset?

So, why should you wear a corset over other pieces of lingerie? Well, first off, a good piece of corset lingerie can help you achieve a perfect hourglass figure and really accentuate your cleavage and hips; this will drive your partner wild. Also, corsets just make you feel good because they really just look good in a mirror, which does wonders for your self-confidence. When paired with a good set of stockings and matching panties, even a plain black corset can really help spice up your sex life.


Outside of the lingerie context, corsets are really helpful for women who want to really look good on a special occasion. Weddings and other formal events are great places to wear corsets as they allow you to show off your hourglass figure to those in attendance.

Some people choose to use corsets to semi-permanently alter their waist. You may have heard of something called corset training or waist training, which is the process of progressively wearing tighter corsets to achieve a perfect hourglass figure. There are mixed opinions on this, with some saying that it is dangerous while others assert that it is perfectly fine.