What Dresses Fit Your Body Type?

How do you find sexy dresses that actually fit your body? Well, you can divide every women’s body into roughly 5 distinct shapes and each one has styles of dresses that work well with that specific body type. We are going to go through these 5 body types and explain what a woman with this body type should be looking for when they go to buy a dress.


Different body types

Hourglass-shaped bodies

Hourglass-shaped bodies are bodies that are roughly the same size in both the bust and the hips but have a very skinny waist connecting the two. This is considered one of the more desirable figures by some women. Women with this body type should look for dresses that do not hide the waist, as you want to really show off the hourglass figure.


Pear-shaped bodies

A woman with a pear shaped body will have thinner busts and thin waists, but they will have ample hips. When you go looking for a dress, do not go with anything that accentuates the hips. Instead, you should look for sexy clothes that accentuate the bust and show off your shoulders or arms.


Strawberry-shaped bodies

Women with strawberry-shaped bodies have wide shoulders, larger than average busts, larger waistlines and then very small hips. So, women looking for sexy clubwear or dresses to compliment this body shape should look for dresses that show off the legs and compliment the shoulders.


Banana-shaped bodies

A woman with a banana-shaped body will have roughly equal proportions throughout their body. Women with this body type should not be afraid to wear dresses that show skin, specifically open back dresses (make sure you get a good open back dress bra to go along with it).